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2009 Levy Renewal

Levy Order renewal

The Commodity Levies  (Tamarillos) Order 2003 expires at the end of the 2009 season.  The order enables the Tamarillo Growers Association (TGA) to obtain funding from all growers  through a compulsory levy on all fresh and processed fruit. 

The TGA Executive Committee feel that a funding system based on value of fruit sold to be the fairest as it is proportionate across all growers, small and large.  The systems for collection of levy are efficient and in place now, leading us to apply for a new order covering the next six years. 

What is the process of a levy application?

1)    Industry body considers how a compulsory levy could be imposed under the Act and has preliminary discussions with the MAF.

2)    Industry body informs and consults with proposed levy payers, collectors and other affected parties, and publicises the intention to apply for a compulsory levy.

3)    Prepare draft ballot paper in consultation with MAF.

4)    Hold industry referendum.

5)    If the vote receives a “yes” result, application sent to Minister.

6)    Minister decides whether to support request.  If yes, levy order comes into force.

Consultation with potential levy papers

The priority of the immediate phase is to compile/update lists of potential levy payers and collection agents, and publicise our intention to apply for a compulsory levy to the wider industry.  The aim is for the list of potential levy payers to be as comprehensive as possible, containing both TGA members and non-members. 

 Communication with non-TGA members

Newsletters have been sent to all growers on the TGA database, including those who have not returned their annual registration form.  All contacts will continue to receive information regarding the levy application. 

If you are a grower of Tamarillos, or a levy collection agent we encourage you register to receive information on the levy renewal via the Contact Us function of this website.