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Becoming a Grower

Find the thought of growing tamarillos tempting? 

There are several benefits in growing tamarillos commercially including easy maintenance, a long harvest season, fast development and relatively low labour inputs.

Choosing the location
The tamarillo prefers a sub-tropical climate, disliking both frosts and extreme heat.  Temperatures below freezing are likely to damage growing shoots and green foliage.

The right site
Your proposed site should have good drainage to prevent trees getting wet feet.

The plant prefers a light well-drained soil.  It is highly intolerant of excess soil moisture and rapidly succumbs when the soil is water logged.  It’s important however to provide ample moisture during summer as tamarillo plants have large, soft leaves and shallow rooting systems, making them susceptible to drought conditions.

Shelter must be provided to protect the plants from wind damage.

Growing methods
Plants can be grown from seed or through tissue culture.  Full details for growing tamarillos are available to New Zealand growers in “The Tamarillo Growers Handbook”. Orders for the handbook will only be accepted from growers in New Zealand.  You can email us at info@tamarillo.com for a copy.  The handbook is available to members of the New Zealand Tamarillo Growers’ Association at a discounted rate.

The handbook includes:

  • Tree growth and management options
  • Orchard establishment and maintenance
  • Pests, diseases and their control
  • Fruit harvest and post harvest
  • Orchard production and economics
  • Industry structure and contacts

If you would like more information about becoming a commercial grower email us at info@tamarillo.com

Join the New Zealand Tamarillo Growers Association for support
If you’re a tamarillo grower in New Zealand we hope you will join the New Zealand Tamarillo Growers Association.  You’ll join more than 50 other members with common interests and a desire to network for mutual benefit.

The role of our friendly group is to promote the interests of tamarillo growers by:

  • Improving grower returns through quality in growing, shipping, retailing and exporting
  • Increasing awareness of, and demand for, tamarillos to both trade and consumer markets
  • Stimulating inter-grower communication
  • Improving the acceptance of the crop, its yield and productivity, through knowledge and research
  • Gaining the best possible value from growers’ research and promotional investments.

For more information email us at info@tamarillo.com or complete our Registration Form and follow the on screen instructions.