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The following resource material is available from the New Zealand Tamarillo Growers Association on request. All material is free unless otherwise indicated. We’ll send an invoice with your order for items that cost.

These resources are for New Zealand residents only.  We require anyone using material from our website to register their interest.  All material on this website is subject to copyright and permission to use the information will only be granted to registered users. Register Now

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Red tamarillo
Gold tamarillo
Tamarillo varieties
Plate of tamarillos
Tamarillos in bowl, ready for peeling
Sliced tamarillos
Halved tamarillos
Tamarillo tree
Woman eating tamarillo
Man eating tamarillo
Student eating tamarillo
Couple eating tamarillo muffin
Salsa image
Dessert images


Tango with a Tamarillo (A2)

Recipe cards

Raw Fresh Tamarillos
Meringue Log
Tamarillo & Chicken Pizza
Tamarillo Smoothie


Jan Bilton's Tamarillo Cookbook ($NZ20 plus p&p)

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