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Great to eat raw, cooked or for decorating other food for your table, reds have deep red skin and dark red pigmentation around the seeds.  They look striking when sliced or cut in half.

A great source of anti-oxidants and full of natural vitamins and minerals, red tamarillos deliver the full exotic flavour of the traditional fruit and make a great drink, snack, main course or desert.



Ambers are the sweetest of the three varieties.  They are smaller in size and they have a milder, sweeter flavour.  The skin is golden with a red blush making an attractive colour combination on your table.

Just cut in half and dig in with a spoon, or try ambers in one of our delicious desert recipes.  We can highly recommend them pureed as topping to have with your pancakes for breakfast or over ice cream for desert.



Golds are slightly sweeter than the reds but not as sweet as the amber.  They are a fantastic choice for when looking for versatility and difference to your menu as an ingredient or a condiment.

Large and fleshy they make a great ingredient for many recipes (particularly sauces, chutneys and pickles).  They are full of goodness too.

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